Saut Media Network 

Launched in 2013, Saut Media Network is a collective of premium publishers directly integrated into our proprietary ad-serving technology platform.

Our ever-growing database of quality publishers coupled with demographic, behavioral, keyword, and contextual targeting capabilities helps us deliver your message to the right audience, with the right data, at the right time. 

We are headquartered in the 101 California building in San Francisco, California, with additional US offices in New York and San Diego. Our international offices are in Shanghai, China and Paris, France.

Saut Media Publishing Group 

Launched in 2016, Saut Media Publishing Group has been growing successful, 100% original content sites in dozens of categories, from Fashion to Tech, to Home Decor and more. 

Many of our sites are already in the Top 15,000 US Ranked Sites (Alexa Rankings) for monthly uniques, and growing.